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Breilmann US, LLC was created 2009 to serve the US Markets as a subsidiary of Breilmann-AG in Germany. In early 2011 the company branched out of its South Carolina presence and added an office in Tennessee to serve its growth and an additional region with close proximity to its customers. In 2014 the company was renamed to SWJ-Breilmann U.S. LLC in conjunction with SWJ and Breilmann working collaboratively together for the US market.

The joint venture SWJ-Breilmann has its main office and headquarter in Tuscaloosa, AL, and additional offices in Chattanooga, TN, and Greenville, SC, but can provide its services for the entire NAFTA Region. The Name change also implied, that SWJ Engineering out of Germany and Breilmann joined forces for the US and continue to work jointly together to increase capacities, capabilities and service level to all customers.

By joining forces and strengthening the portfolio, SWJ-Breilmann can also build on a very extensive background of more than 5000 successfully completed projects world wide, and now increased capacity and a shared vision to serve more customers with even more flexibility. Joining forces also means to find synergies, which help to provide better services and better prices to all customers.

SWJ-Breilmann became SWJ TECHNOLOGY in 2019.


SWJ TECHNOLOGY LLC is overseen by the following Board Members:

Dr. Wolfgang Kneer

Chairman, President & CEO

Markus Jurditsch

Treasurer & CFO

Stefan Hartmann