SWJ TECHNOLOGY has the systems you need to tackle any project at its disposal. Below are some systems we use to add value to your operations.


SWJ O.M.S. is an innovative and online-based SAP tool ideal for the tracking of quality data or production numbers, downtime, logistics data incl. racks, parts, modules – based on part numbers, scans or progress reports, modules or shipment information. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) can be used separately for various other tasks as well.

SWJ TECHNOLOGY has proprietary tools to determine standard process times (based on MTM/MOST values) but simplified for use of production team members. Tools may be licensed to customers and simple but standardized basics to establish lean processes.



SWJ T.I.C (Ticket Information Center) is a software that enables organizations to resolve their support queries by managing and streaming the process of issue resolution.

The system handles any issue individually, called ticket, as a structured problem solving process. Ticket act as a documentation of a particular problem, its current status, and other important insights, documentation and responsibilities as well as the resolution to close a ticket.

Similarly to industry standard 8D, our SWJ T.I.C system can capture pictures, files and other information while addressing work assignments and tracking the progress of short- or long-term measures.