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SWJ TECHNOLOGY is specialized in Automotive Industry, Supplier & Supply Chain, Manufacturing Industry, Railway, Energy Industry, and Aerospace. We can combine Production and Manufacturing with Logistics and Quality and provide a complete and comprehensive service surrounding any manufacturing industry. Our flexibility allows us to serve in form of expertise or experts on-demand as well as delivery of products and services or even project management, turn-key projects, or interim management. We adapt to the request and needs of our customers and do not compromise the Quality of our work.


Mobility fused with technology

Many of our experiences, skills, and team members come directly from the automotive industry. With the variety of services we have to offer, these methods, improvements, and expertise are (readily or effortlessly) able to be transferred to other industries as well.


Global connectivity, locally available

The supply chain industry has become one of our focus groups over the last years. Using our combined skills and services, we are able to provide complete turn-key projects; this seems to be a great field to add value and support improvement, launches, changes or just getting suppliers to the next level.


Quality at the process

Our skills, expertise and services range from logistics to quality, but center around production and manufacturing. We design tools, handhelds, equipment, conveyors in various manufacturing industries and have supported the success of heavy to light, from small to large, and from single to mass production. 


Solutions for your design

Our skills, expertise and services range from logistics to quality, but center around production and manufacturing. We also design equipment and parts for furniture manufacturers and have supported the success of single to mass production.


Save today, enjoy tomorrow

The energy industry is one of the main contributors to the GDP in the US and we are right on track with our support. From oil-field service to renewable energy, the energy industry is widespread. Wind and solar energy are the first examples that usually come to mind, but energy is also harvested from hydro-power and geothermal heat. Another interesting fact is the gaining momentum of battery power and power storage units. The future of renewable energy is bright, and SWJ is here to support your prolonged success in this industry. Whether you are looking for consultation on the direction of your company or a definitive plan for your production processes, our participation in numerous renewable energy projects is proof of our expertise when it comes to project management, facility & layout planning, logistics, packaging or production set-up and improvement in the energy industry.


Taking you higher, further, faster

We understand that engineering light weight bodies for air-travel and mobility is completely different than mass-producing off-road vehicles for consumers. When it comes to setting up production, innovating logistics or setting up supply chain and control plans for production, we have been the partner of choice to deliver highest level of support and innovative models, ideas and improvements to the mobility & aerospace industry.