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SWJ TECHNOLOGY is specialized in Automotive Industry, Supplier & Supply Chain, Manufacturing Industry, Railway, Energy Industry, and Aerospace. We can combine Production and Manufacturing with Logistics and Quality and provide a complete and comprehensive service surrounding any manufacturing industry. Our flexibility allows us to serve in form of expertise or experts on-demand as well as delivery of products and services or even project management, turn-key projects, or interim management. We adapt to the request and needs of our customers and do not compromise the Quality of our work.


Determine your position clearly

SWJ TECHNOLOGY offers a plan for each part (PFEP), staging and rack planning, supply layouts, container and packaging design, carrier concepts and route planning, KANBAN systems and supply chain management.

Are you planning to expand your production site and wish to use the opportunity to redesign already expanded structures? Or have you established that the flow of stock in your factory is sub-optimal, that there are hold-ups, or that your stock is moving inefficiently back and forth across the factory floor? Layout planning with SWJ can help.
When we develop a new factory layout for you, we re-assess and determine the individual working systems in your company’s value-creation process. This could involve the interaction between multiple buildings on a factory site, but might also focus only on the floor plan of one single warehouse.

In all cases, the most important element is to position the various divisions of production in such a way that ensures the smooth flow of stock and cuts out unnecessary distance in its transportation. This shortens turn-around time and reduces production costs.
We are the masters when it comes to customizing your production process to existing conditions, including giving due consideration to already existing gates, ramps, siding tracks, lifts and elevators, or cranes.

That’s where it gets tricky – for us. You, on the other hand, will soon have in your hands a plan designed to get the best out of your location.


Keep running things smoothly

SWJ TECHNOLOGY provides virtual planning and structural concepts, integration and optimization, specifications and quality engineering, validation and control plans, production readiness support as well as audit preparation and tool controlling. Even the best production line will have to change one day. For instance, when the production of a different model line is required or if an entirely new plant is to be constructed. The key is to have all processes designed, planned and implemented in a neat way. Even small things, like when a colleague has to push aside the pallet with the plastic closures before the pallet with screws can get access to the line, can obstruct the flow of the production process and quickly lead to unnecessarily high costs. We save you money on the factory floor.

In planning your assembly line we will ensure that everything runs smoothly. On the basis of a rough initial concept, we prepare detailed layouts – from individual assembly lines to the complete planning of an entire factory. We make sure that everything goes according to plan. We are independent of manufacturers, so you can rely on getting an assembly line or plant tailored specifically to suit your individual needs, with smooth-running logistics included.

We are eager to assist you in both the broad and detailed planning of individual sub plants, preparing tender documents, and the list of bidders, as well as supporting you in the procurement process. We also take charge of construction, production and set-up – and we stay on board until final acceptance, to guarantee a smooth start up. In our function as general planner, we are also more than willing to manage the entire planning and implementation of your project worldwide.


Piloting you through turbulences

Has your company changed? Do you want to create a new product line, or build a new factory site? For such a project to be carried out competently and efficiently, and to avoid all possible pitfalls, it makes sense to have external specialists with many years of experience at the helm. We coordinate all procedures like costs and dates – naturally within the framework of resources provided by you. We are there by your side from the initial pre-execution phase – for example in conducting a feasibility study – right through to successful production start-up.

Allow SWJ to guide you smoothly through your project. We are happy to support you even in smaller components of your project, for example with project management, project monitoring or the coordination and organization of project teams. Industry-proven engineers and specialists lead the projects and coordinate all participants – and are always results-oriented.

Companies are always faced with difficult decisions. If the company grows and thrives, the question is how this growth can be stabilized. If the economy faces tough times, then adjustments must be made. But which measures are the right ones? To answer this, it is worth getting a competent external perspective. Especially when that perspective is provided by an expert who knows the ins and outs of the industry – and who brings with them sound consulting expertise.

We have the best prerequisites for this: the nucleus of SWJ came out of a very complex sector, the automobile industry. There is hardly another sector that better reflects all areas of international markets and the problems posed by them. The experience we have developed through our work in this sector makes us the best consultants, who can stand by your side on the most varied questions with both advice and action – as much with concrete questions in individual company areas as with questions of strategic orientation or a change of direction. You can trust us.


Correct amount on-time in the right place

SWJ TECHNOLOGY plans tools, jigs, equipment, robotics, conveyors as well as manual work steps and build times. We focus on KAIZEN and Lean Integration. Intelligent logistics chains contribute significantly to the profitability of a company.

The costs add up fast when the truck always has to wait five minutes at the ramp before it is unloaded, or the worker has to wait a minute until the proper tires arrive at the assembly line. Our greatest strength is developing and adjusting the logistics of goods into an intelligent logistics chain.
We also design complex logistics systems, supply chain management or in-house processes, and take care that things flow smoothly. We are especially distinguished by our expertise and many years of experience, particularly in the automobile industry.


Quality can be planned

Our success is founded on the consistently high level of quality that our services bring to every project.

We can only guarantee our future growth if we continually refine and improve the standard of quality throughout our entire company. Only by delivering quality can we satisfy our customers and gain their long-lasting loyalty.

The DIN EN ISO 9001:2020 is an objective measure proving that we also meet our own high standards. It certifies SWJ’s lean, sensible and well-documented internal processes and the necessary means to continue improving it. It is a foundation that enables us to fulfill our clients’ demanding requests promptly, efficiently, and to their complete satisfaction. Hence, quality assurance and quality management are top priorities.


Tools for better handling and quality

SWJ TECHNOLOGY provides virtual planning and structural concepts, integration and optimization, specifications and quality engineering, validation and control plans, production readiness support as well as audit preparation and tool controlling.

Equipment includes all machines, facilities and other appliances that are directly or indirectly involved in the execution of job assignments. The correct selection of equipment is the basis for a well-ordered assembly process – and therefore responsible for production efficiency.

According to the wishes of each individual client, we find solutions for the sourcing, arrangement and maintenance of machines and tools, along with the selection of production and testing methods. Here the focus is not only on the initial outlay costs but also on the how efficient the installed equipment is.